Rocking Chair Ranch is located in Forsyth, GA (Monroe County), just north of the city of Macon. We are committed to bringing you locally raised, grassfed beef that is free of growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids.  We do not try to "fatten" our cattle up by finishing them on corn and other fillers; instead, our cattle are raised and finished on grass, the way nature intended. We are committed to promoting animal welfare and health, as well as to leaving a minimal impact on our environment. 

Foraging on bermuda grass in the summer and a mix of fescue and white dutch clover in the winter, Rocking Chair cattle are the products of a carefully selected cross-breeding program intended to insure consistent quality and flavorful beef.

 By cross-breeding for selective traits that include heat and drought tolerance, longevity, disposition and meat quality, Rocking Chair Ranch is committed to providing great-tasting meat with minimal environmental impact. Our herd is cared for by fourth generation cattle farmer Joseph Egloff. Joseph is a member of the American Cattleman's Association and the American Grassfed Association. While grassfed beef has recently become the trend for those seeking a healthier option, Joseph has been raising grassfed and grass-finished cattle all his life.