What comes with a HALF or WHOLE COW & how much will it cost?

Half Cow: $7.00 per lb.

Includes approximately 200-265 lbs "hanging weight". (That's about 180+/- pounds of meat in your freezer)

Whole Cow:  $6.50 per lb.
Includes approximately 400-525 lbs "hanging weight." (That's about 300-350 pound of meat in your freezer)

 Looking for a smaller quantity?

Family pack option ($9.50 per lb.). 
The family pack option is our version of the quarter cow (approximately 70 +/- lbs. of beef, WRAPPED) and includes a sampling of our most popular cuts. Please note: pricing for family packs is based on wrapped weight.

Bulk Order Inquiry Form

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Bulk Order FAQ's:
Q: I am looking for a smaller quantity. Does Rocking Chair offer a quarter cow option?
A: We currently do not offer a quarter cow option, however we do offer a family pack option. The family pack option is our version of the quarter cow and includes a sampling of our most popular cuts. If you are interested in one of our Family Packs, please complete the form below for further details.
Q: How will my whole or half cow order come?
A: Your order will be delivered to your local farmer's market (or delivered by other pre-made arrangement) and will be individually wrapped by cuts, in commercial grade butcher paper. We have found that for long term storage, butcher paper is more durable and maintains freshness even longer than the clear vacuum seal used for general retail. If you are interested in receiving your bulk order vacuum sealed, however, we are able to provide this option at an additional charge.

Q: How can I customize my bulk order?
A: We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction with your bulk order. We know that your bulk purchase is an investment for your family and we want to make sure it makes it to your freezer, just the way you like it. Upon ordering your half or whole cow, you will receive a copy of our "standard cut sheet". 



Want to stock your freezer and save money?
Order a half or whole grassfed beef cow from Rocking Chair Ranch!

A few of the perks of ordering one of our whole or half cows:
* One low per lb. price for a bulk quantity of premium, grass-fed, hormone, steroid and antibiotic free beef.
* All your meat is pre-cut, wrapped and ready for your freezer
* Worried about freezer space for your meat? Share a whole or half with a family member or neighbor!