Filet-$25.50 per lb.
Ribeye -$15.25 per lb.
T-Bone-$14.75 per lb.
Porterhouse-$16.25 per lb.
NY Strip-$12.75 per lb.
Sirloin-$9.75 per lb.
Flank-$9.25 per lb.
Skirt-$9.25 per lb.
Hanger-$9.25 per lb.
Cube-$8.00 per lb.
Flat Iron- $9.00 per lb.

Tri-Tip- $12.25 per lb.
Shoulder-$8.50 per lb.
Shank-$6.25 per lb.
Prime Rib -$14.00 per lb.
Chuck-$9.50 per lb.
Mock Tender- $12.25

Short Ribs-$8.25 per lb.



1 lb. Loose-$7.50
4 oz. Patties-$9.50 per lb.
2 oz. Sliders-$9.50 per lb.

Oxtails-$7.00 per lb.
Marrow- $3.25 per lb.
Knuckle $2.75 per lb.
Neck Bones-$3.00 per lb.

Organ Meat
Liver-$3.25 per lb.
Heart-$3.25 per lb.
Tongue-$7.00 per lb.
Brisket-$8.75 per lb.
Stew/Kabob-$8.25 per lb.
Beef Sausage-$8.75

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