Happy Cows = Better Beef

"Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle Co. has the best beef ever. Nothing comes close to their Hamburger!"-PTC Farmers Market Customer (May, 2016)

"I'm a vegetarian, but if I wasn't, this would be the only place I'd buy beef from." (April, 2016)

"Thanks to Rocking Chair Ranch our freezer is full just in time for grilling season." -Macon Customer (March, 2016)


"Good afternoon Rocking Chair Ranch!! November is the month for being thankful. I am thankful for all of you at the ranch for making Grassfed Beef available to us."

-PTC Market Customer (November, 2015)

"Roasted a 3 bone rib roast this weekend on a bed of onions and fresh rosemary with a herb/sea salt rub. Full of flavor and tender to boot! Thanks Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle!"-PTC Customer (Sept. 2015)

"Thank you RCR for the beautiful beef marrow soup bones! They were the perfect start to a cold, wet day Bone Soup."-PTC Market Customer (Oct. 2015)

"My family and I absolutely love your grass fed beef! It has such a wonderful flavor and we really appreciate your involvement with the Wholesome Wave GA campaign at the Mulberry Market in Macon. It's such a great experience to know your beef is fresh from the farm! The only way to guarantee that is to buy straight from the farmer himself!"-Macon Customer (April, 2015)

"I just did a side by side comparison of a burger from your grass fed beef and a burger from Walmart beef. While both were delicious, your beef had extra flavors that just were not in the Walmart burger. So good!"-Macon Customer (May, 2015)

Better Beef = Happy Customers